CE Certification Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV332H29

CE Certification Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV332H29

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Product Description and Application

WBV332H29 converts input DC voltage into a load independent output signal DC 0-5V or 0-10V. It has adopted modulation-demodulation isolation principle and average measurement method for real time measurement of DC voltage from electric net or electric circuit.

The product has certain advantages of total galvanic isolation between input/output/power, high accuracy, low drifting by temperature, and wide temperature bearable range, etc.

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

vvs (2)

Product Terminal Identification Drawing

vvs (1)

Key Technical Data




10V, 50V, 100V, 200V, 250V, 300V, 500V DC


DC 0~5V or 0~10V

Accuracy class


Input impedance

when Vx>1V,Ri=Vx×10kΩ/V;

when Vx≤1V,Ri>1MΩ;;

Linear range

0-120% of nominal input

Responding time


Over load capacity

2 times the nominal input voltage value, lasting for 1s, with an interval of 10s, repeating 10 times;


DIN rail 35mm mount

Auxiliary power supply

AC/DC 85V~265V

Isolation withstand voltage

≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

(Input/power): ≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

(Output/power): ≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Safety Standard

IEC 61010-1

Output ripple


Electromagnetic compatibility

Surge: 1kV

Electrostatic discharge: 6kV / 8kV

Electrical fast transient pulse group: 2kV

Ambient temperature


Product Input-Output characteristic curve

wbv (1)

Commercial data

Product group
Packaging type Paper box
Country of origin CN
Customs tariff number 90303390

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