Warmly Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Weibo Electrical Isolation Transducer

On Oct. 18th, Weibo company has invited professors from National University of Defense Technology, experts in automation industry and many cooperation partners to participate in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Weibo Electrical Isolation Transducer.

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Mr. Zhou Yong, chairman of Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co., Ltd., gives welcome speech. He delivers great thanks to Mr. Ruan Ciyuan, the founder of electrical isolation transducer for his contribution to the company. He affirms the struggle spirit and never forgetting the heart under the leadership of general manager Li Dong and shows anticipation and confidence for the future development of Weibo company.

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Mr. Ruan Ciyuan, the founder of electrical isolation transducer, reviews the birth and struggle history of Weibo electrical isolation transducer and shows gratitude to the colleagues and leaders who have worked together. Mr. Li Dong, the general manager gives his speech to express the attitude of professions and struggle of Weibo company, passes Weibo’s future development direction and domain mission and wishes that Weibo company will be more powerful and full of activity and power with the help of all the participates.

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Standing at thirty, the Weibo power sensor has gone through the fierce competition in the market, and has gone through the gentle comfort of the motherland’s reform spring breeze; standing at 30, this is the merit of the Weibo power sensor still standing; standing at 30, the Weibo power sensor Thanks to the hard work of Weibo people, the sensor is still full of vitality and is still forging ahead. It is the belief of Weibo people to start a business again and set off again. It is the driving force of Weibo people to keep their original aspirations and forge ahead. Weibo will go through 30 years one after another. Lizhi Nian talks about sensing, leading innovation in the past. Forge ahead and set off again to seek a new chapter to celebrate the New Year.

Post time: Aug-01-2020