The Company Conducts Occupational Health Education and Training

In order to enhance employees’ awareness of occupational health and popularize knowledge about occupational disease prevention, in accordance with the 2020 safety training schedule, the company launched an occupational health theme with the theme of “Caring for Workers’ Health and Helping Healthy China” in the 312 meeting room on the morning of December 9th. Company safety committee members, safety office members, middle-level leading cadres, office directors, victim receivers and some new employees participated in the training.

This training company invited teacher Ling Yujing from Sichuan Station of the Safety and Health Education Center to give an on-site lecture. During the training, Teacher Ling used a large number of pictures, real cases and videos to vividly and vividly preach the content of three aspects: First, the knowledge of emergency rescue, including knowledge of CPR on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cerebral hemorrhage (cerebral stroke), and epilepsy. First aid methods for diseases, myocardial infarction, common hemostasis methods and Heimlich first aid methods; the second is to introduce a healthy lifestyle, including a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, limit smoking and alcohol, psychological balance, adequate sleep, etc. ; The third is to explain the prevention and improvement of common chronic occupational diseases, including the prevention and treatment of hypertension, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, etc., and introduce the health maintenance knowledge of meridian points. At the training site, Teacher Ling Yujing actively interacted with the trainees and conducted a live demonstration, which received a warm response from everyone. The one-and-a-half-hour occupational health education is rich in content, with rich pictures and texts, and the learning scene makes shocked sighs and responses to questions from time to time. Through this training, not only the occupational health knowledge of the trainees was improved, but also everyone realized that they should pay more attention to their own health problems and protect the “revolutionary capital”.

To create a healthy, safe, harmonious and sustainable working environment, and to protect the health of workers is the social responsibility of the enterprise. The company’s occupational health education and training have played a positive role in enhancing employees’ self-protection awareness, ensuring their physical and mental health, and effectively preventing occupational diseases.


Post time: May-01-2020