Participating In 2019 Sensor and Test Expo in Nuremberg, Germany

First, the exhibition introduction

With the aim of opening up the European market, establishing marketing channels, conducting technical exchanges and expanding cooperation with agents, our team participated in the 2019 Nuremberg Sensor and Test held at the International Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany SENSOR+TEST 2019.

Organized by the German Association of Sensing and Measurement Technology (AMA), the exhibition has been successfully held for 21 sessions since 1982 and has become one of the most professional and largest exhibitions in the world of sensors and test and measurement technology. The exhibition attracted a total of 538 companies from 34 countries and regions, and the number of professional visitors exceeded 7,000. Visitors to the show focused on three major areas: mechanical design and manufacturing (22%), electronics (20%) and automobiles (15%).


Second, the participation situation

The exhibition will run from June 25th to 27th for a period of three days. Most of the visitors have a certain understanding of our products. They are very interested in the open Hall sensors I224LY05-25 and WBI221QN05-20 exhibited in this exhibition, and asked about the input and output specifications, accuracy and price. There are also some visitors who asked if the I412D41 PCB installation series can be further miniaturized.

At the same time, we received channel merchants from the United Kingdom, France, Israel, India and other countries, mainly including the British company Strainsense, France’s AllianTech, Israel’s Applied Technologic and India’s BGIndustries, etc., all expressed their willingness to represent our Sensor products.


Third, Exhibition exchange

The exhibition lasted for 3 days from June 25th to 27th. More than 60 visiting customers were received and more than 50 image brochures were distributed. Customers include business leaders, distributors, marketing personnel, engineers, etc. They are most interested in the company’s current sensors, especially open Hall sensors, and pay special attention to the product’s technical principles, measurement range, overload characteristics, accuracy, and market Price, etc. At the exhibition, the two parties had a preliminary exchange on issues of concern, and many customers exchanged business cards and expressed their full expectation for follow-up negotiations. In general, this exhibition has gained a lot. I believe that through the further follow-up and active expansion of the comrades in the marketing department, and the vigorous cooperation with the relevant personnel of the business department, there will be good results in the follow-up.

Post time: Jul-05-2019