DC Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV342U05-S

DC Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV342U05-S

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Product Description And Application

WBV342U05-S(DC Voltage Transducer 4-20mA Analog Output) converts DC input pure voltage into a load independent output signal DC 0-20mA or 4-20mA.

DC Voltage Transducer 4-20ma Transducer Analog Output has adopted modulation-demodulation isolation principle and average measurement method for real time measurement of DC voltage from power grid or electric circuit.

Function Realization Schematic Drawing

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

Product Terminal Identification Drawing

Key Technical Data




DC 0-10mV…0-1000V

Accuracy class



DC 0-5V; 0~10V

Input impedance (R)

when Vx>1V,Ri=Vx×10kΩ/V

When Vx≤1V,Ri>1MΩ

Linear range

0-120% of nominal input

Responding time


Over load capacity

2 times of nominal input, continuous

Maximum load


Auxiliary power


Current consumption for static status


Isolation voltage(Input/output)

≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

(Input/power): ≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

(Input/power): ≥(Output/power): ≥1500Vdc, for 1 minute

Output ripple


Drifting by temperature

(-25℃~0℃,+50℃~+70℃) 200×10-6/℃

Ambient temperature

(Industrial grade)-25℃~+70℃
(commercial grade)0℃~+50℃


DIN rail 35mm mount

Processing Steps:

Drawing→Mold→Die casting→Deburring→Drilling holes→CNC machining→CNC control center→Assembly→Aging→Calibration→Quality Inspection→Packing

Major Export Markets


*East Europe

*United States


*South Africa

Packaging & Shipment

FOB port: Chengdu or Shenzhen

Packaging size: 29x17x20mm for 16pcs;

35x19x25mm for 24pcs;

39x34x20mm for 48pcs;

48x40x24mm for 84pcs.

Weight per unit: 100g

Lead time: 3-30 workdays

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