Dc Current Transducer 4-20ma DIN Rail WBI412N95

Dc Current Transducer 4-20ma DIN Rail WBI412N95

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Product Description And Application

WBI412N95 makes use of a special isolation module to monitor the AC current in the grid and circuit in real time and transform it into the standard DC voltage output; it has various kinds of advantages of high precision, high isolation, wide frequency response, low drift, low power consumption, wide temperature range, strong anti-interference ability, wide operating power range and so on. This product adopts card-mounted structure, terminal wiring, easy installation, input, output, power supply three isolation, suitable for power equipment, power network monitoring automation system, industrial control monitoring system, railway signal system.

This product meets the requirements of IEC standards. It’s well known that the IEC 61000-4-2 standard covers the system level of ESD immunity. Electrostatic discharge can be very harmful to a system and even a small amount of voltage can damage the electrical components. Most systems require some sort of IEC ESD protection, as any user accessible areas will be subjected to ESD strikes.

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)


Terminals definition


Key Technical Data


0.5A, 1A, 5A-50A AC


0-5V, 0-10V DC



Frequency range


Input impedance

Measuring current< 100mA, input impedance 2000

Measuring current 2100mA, input impedance approximate zero

Linear range

0-120% of nominal input

Responding time


Over load capacity

30 times of nominal input, for 5 seconds

Output impedance


Auxiliary power

+9V-+36V DC

Isolation voltage

2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Output ripple


Drifting by temperature


Ambient temperature



DIN rail 35mm mount or screw mount.

Surge immunity (see 1EC61000-4-5)

output/power supply 2KV 1.2/50μs, performance criteria

Electrostatic discharge immunity (see IEC61000-4-2)

contact discharge 6KV, air discharge 8KV,

Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity (see 1EC61000-4-3)

Test level 10V/m

Electrical fast transient burst immunity (see IEC61000-4-4)

signal line port: 士2KV, auxiliary

Conducted immunity of RF electromagnetic field induction (see IEC61000-4-6)

Test level 10V,



Gemamy SensortTest 2015
May 19-21. Nuremberg. Gemamy
Booth no.12-397

America, San Jose Sensors Expo. 2018
June 26-28, San Jose, California
Booth no. WA19


Gemamy SensortTest 2017
May 30-June 1, Nuremberg. Germary
Booth no.5-472

China, ACIEC 2018
Nov 5, Shanghai, China

Major Export Markets


*East Europe

*United States


*South Africa

Packaging & Shipment

FOB port: Chengdu or Shenzhen

Packaging size: 29x17x20mm for 16pcs;

35x19x25mm for 24pcs;

39x34x20mm for 48pcs;

48x40x24mm for 84pcs.

Weight per unit: 100g


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A: MOQ is 2.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Delivery in 3-5 days for small qty. Otherwise 3-6 weeks.

Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 12 months warranty to our products for non-man-made reasons

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