CE Certification Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV342U05-S

CE Certification Voltage Sensor 0-10V WBV342U05-S

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Product Description And Application

WBV342U05-S converts AC input current into a load independent output signal dc 0mA-20mA or 4mA-20mA. It has adopted electromagnetic isolation principle and average measurement method for real time measurement of AC current (in any wave form) from electric net or electric circuit.

The product has certain advantages of total galvanic isolation between input、output and auxiliary power, high accuracy, low drifting by temperature, and wide temperature bearable range, etc. the product meets EN61326:2006 and EN60100:2001 standard.

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

Current Transducer 4 To 20mA Output WBI414H29606

Product Terminal Identification Drawing

Current Transducer 4 To 20mA Output WBI414H29648

Terminal definition table

1 IN
3 IN
6 L
7 N
9 OUT-
10     OUT+

Key Technical Data


AC 0.1A-5A input; DC 0-20mA or 4-20mA output



Input Impedance (R)


Linear Range


Responding Time

4.0-120% of nominal input

Over Load Capacity

20 times of nominal input, for 1 second, repeat 5 times with 300 seconds’ interval.

Maximum Load

7. 6V

Auxiliary Power

AC/DC 85V-265V

Isolation Voltage

input and output≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Auxiliary Power and input≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Auxiliary Power and output≥2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Output Ripple


Drifting by Temperature


Ambient Temperature


Product Input-Output characteristic curve



Suitable for the current measuring,

Automatic monitoring and control,

Electrical signal detection and modulation,

Data acquisition.


(1)Price: In the light of quantity;

(2)Price basis: FOB;

(3)Lead time: 4 workdays for less than 10 pcs;

(4)Payment: T/T;

(5)Package: Paper box;

(6)HS code: 90303390;

(7)Country of origin: Mianyang, China;

(8)Shipping: TNT;

(9)MOQ is 2.

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