Application Case

Application Case — Communication Industry

Weibo Electronic has developed a three-phase power comprehensive monitoring module, multi-circuit rail type energy meter and leakage current sensor for the power monitoring of the equipment room power equipment monitoring, air conditioning equipment monitoring, communication power protection, battery monitoring and management systems. A series of dedicated power isolation sensors, such as hall effect sensors, AC transmitter sensors and battery internal resistance sensors, are designed with high reliability, high precision, high isolation, wide frequency response and wide temperature range through specially enhanced EMC and lightning protection. Low power consumption and other features ensure the reliable operation of the telecommunication system.

Communication industry application

Power environment remote monitoring system

Base station computer room energy consumption monitoring system

Communication power supply, UPS

Battery monitoring management system


With the rapid development of China's water conservancy and hydropower industry, especially the implementation of the National South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the requirements for “automatic monitoring of unattended, few people on duty” and safety monitoring of water conservancy facilities is also increasing.

The traditional hoist monitoring uses the load pressure sensor to directly measure the pull/pressure to realize the overload protection of the motor load. This method is not only difficult to install and maintain, but more importantly, the core component of this type of sensor - pressure Sensitive components are highly susceptible to environmental disturbances such as drift caused by outdoor temperature, damage caused by vibration, and aging of the adhesive layer caused by long use time. In addition, because the range of force measured by the application equipment is relatively wide, the accuracy of the direct force measurement type is low, and it is difficult to meet the application requirements of the field.

Application Case — Intelligent Remote Monitoring System For Pumping Unit Well

With the development of industrial control technology, wireless remote control telemetry system has also been widely used in domestic oil wells. The main sensors are briefly described below:

1. Pumping unit well power monitoring (three-phase voltage and current input, RS485 output)

An isolated combination parameter intelligent sensor designed specifically for pumping wells to replace analog transmitters. The detection signal is AC 3-phase voltage and 3-phase current; the output content is 3 voltage (effective value), 3 current (effective value), active power, reactive power, power factor, active power, and reactive power and frequency data. The output can obtain the standard value of the required electrical parameter number from the communication interface, and does not require the RTU to perform AC sampling.

2.Dedicated fixed load sensor (range: 0 ~ 150kN; output sensitivity: 1mV)

After more than ten years of use in the oil production plant, it is constantly improved; fully sealed and waterproof design to meet all-weather use; optimized plugs for improved reliability; easy and safe operation; consistent output and complete interchangeability.

3.Pressure sensor (range: from 0 ~ 10Kpa to 0 ~ 500Mpa, output: standard two-wire system)

This product uses the imported oil-filled isolation component or the whole stainless steel strain-inducing body to combine the solid-state integration process with the isolation diaphragm technology. The diffusion silicon chip is installed in a cylindrical cavity filled with silicone oil, through the stainless steel diaphragm and The outer casing isolates it from the measuring medium. The product can work in harsh environments.

4. Angular displacement sensor (range: 0~100, 0~180, 0~270, 0~340[continuous] output 0-5V)

This product is a sensor for measuring the rotational position of an object with a linear relationship between voltage output and shaft rotation angle. It is characterized by high precision, long life, good output smoothness and so on.

5. Temperature sensor (wellhead temperature PT1000 resistance output)

Imported PT1000 package; static pressure resistance is greater than 30Mpa; temperature response time is fast; sensor shape can be determined according to user requirements; working temperature: -50 °C ~ +400 °C, accuracy grade A.

6. Infrared dual supervision (three monitors alarm sensor)

The high-performance dual-window detector with the highest technology in today's security field consists of a master-slave dual-group high-precision passive infrared detection device and an anti-glare circuit and a fuzzy logic digital core.