AC Voltage Sensor 4-20mA Analog Output WBV414M05

AC Voltage Sensor 4-20mA Analog Output WBV414M05

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Product Description And Application

WBV414M05 uses a special isolation module to measure the AC voltage in the grid and circuit in real time, and convert it to 0mA~20mA or 4mA~20mA DC current (Iz) output; it has high precision, high isolation, low power consumption and low drift. , Wide temperature range, strong anti-interference ability, wide range of working power supply, etc. This product adopts a card-mounted structure, terminal wiring, easy installation, three isolations among input, output, and power supply. It is suitable for power supply equipment, power network monitoring automation systems, industrial control monitoring systems, etc.

Function Realization Schematic Drawing

AC Voltage Sensor 4-20mA Analog Output WBV414M05695

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

AC Voltage Sensor 4-20mA Analog Output WBV414M05760

Key Technical Data


AC 0-10V, 0-50V, 0-100V…0-1000V


DC 0-20mA, 4-20mA

Accuracy level


Linear range

0%~120% nominal input

Frequency response


Response time


Input impedance

Ri=Ux×1kΩ/V (Ux represents the input voltage under test)

Overload capacity

2 times the nominal input voltage value, lasting for 1s, with an interval of 10s, repeating 10 times

Load capacity


Static power consumption/ full power consumption


Power supply

DC +9V~+36V

Output ripple


Isolation voltage(Input/output)

AC 2500V between input and output, 1min,

 AC 2500V between power supply and input, 1min,

 AC 2500V between power supply and output, 1min;

Output ripple

<10mV (effective value, when the output load is 250Ω)

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Temperature drift


Surge (impact) immunity (see IEC6 1000-4-5)

output end/power end 2KV 1.2/50μs, performance criterion A

Electrostatic discharge immunity (see IEC61000-4-2)

contact discharge 6KV, air discharge 8KV, performance criterion A

Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity (see IEC61000-4-2)

Test level 10V/m, performance criterion A

Electrical fast transient pulse group immunity (see IEC61000-4-4)

signal line port: ±2KV, auxiliary power port: ±2KV, performance criterion A

Conducted immunity induced by radio frequency electromagnetic field (see IEC61000-4-6)

test level 10V/m, performance criterion A

Sensor input and output characteristic curve



High precision,

High isolation,

Low power consumption,

Low drift,

Wide temperature range,


Strong ability,

Wide working power range.


AC power distribution system: such as power distribution cabinet, railway power supply;

Signal monitoring: such as AC current monitoring for filament relay, input signal monitoring for motor, etc.

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