800V 4-20mA Voltage Transducer WBV344U05-S

800V 4-20mA Voltage Transducer WBV344U05-S

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Product Description And Application

WBV344U05-S adopts the principle of modulation and demodulation isolation to measure the DC voltage in the power grid or circuit in real time and transform it into a standard DC current (Iz) output. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, high isolation, low drift, and wide temperature range. The power supply, input and output circuits are completely isolated and can be directly connected with various A/D converters to form a centralized data acquisition system. This product is suitable for real-time detection of power systems, post and telecommunications systems, railway monitoring systems, etc.

Function Realization Schematic Drawing

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

Product Terminal Identification Drawing

Key Technical Data

Input and output specifications

DC 10mV, 10V, 100V, 500V, 1000V

Accuracy level


Linear range

0%~120% nominal input

Response time


Input impedance

when the measured voltage Ux>1V, Ri=Ux×10kΩ/V,

when the measured voltage Ux≤1V, Ri>1MΩ

Load capacity


Auxiliary power supply

DC 12V or 24V

Quiescent current

0mA~20mA output product: 29mA

Products with 4mA~20mA output: 33mA

Isolation withstand voltage

>DC 2.5kV, 1mA, 1min

Auxiliary power


Current consumption for static status


Isolation voltage(Input/output)

2500Vdc, for 1 minute

Output ripple


Ambient temperature


Temperature drift


Electromagnetic compatibility

Surge: 2kV Electrostatic discharge: 6kV/8kV

Electrical fast transient pulse group: 2kV

Product Input-Output characteristic curve


Packaging & Shipment

FOB port: Chengdu or Shenzhen

Packaging size: 29x17x20mm for 16pcs;

35x19x25mm for 24pcs;

39x34x20mm for 48pcs;

48x40x24mm for 84pcs.

Weight per unit: 100g

Lead time: 3-30 workdays

Payment & Delivery

*Payment method: T/T, L/C

*Delivery details: within 3-30 workdays after confirming the order

Primary Competitive Advantages

*Small orders accepted

*Distributorships offered

*International brands and certification

*Competitive price

*Prompt delivery

*Quality approvals

*Warranty for 12 months

*Can be customized

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