0 To 5V Output Current Transmitter WBI342U05-S

0 To 5V Output Current Transmitter WBI342U05-S

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Product Description And Application

WBI342U05-S adopts the principle of modulation and demodulation isolation to measure the DC current in the power grid or circuit in real time and transform it into a standard DC voltage (Uz) output, which can be directly connected to various types of A/D converters to form a data collection acquisition system. It has the characteristics of high precision, high isolation, low drift and wide temperature range. This product adopts a card-mounted structure, which is convenient to install and disassemble. It is suitable for real-time detection of power systems, post and telecommunications systems, railway monitoring systems, etc.

Function Realization Schematic Drawing

0 To 5V Output Current Transmitter WBI342U05-S672

Product Dimensional Drawing (unit: mm)

0 To 5V Output Current Transmitter WBI342U05-S722

Product Terminal Identification Drawing

0 To 5V Output Current Transmitter WBI342U05-S765

Key Technical Data


DC 0-1mA...…0-5A


DC 0-5V, 0-10V

Accuracy level


Linear range

0%~120% nominal input

Response time


Input impedance

Ri=0.05V/Ix (Ix represents the input current under test)

Overload capacity

10 times the nominal input current value, last for 1s, with an interval of 300s, repeat 5 times

Load capacity


Auxiliary power supply

DC 12V, 24V

Quiescent current


Isolation withstand voltage

Between input and output>DC 2.5kV, 1min;

Between power supply and input>DC 2.5kV, 1min;

Between power supply and output> 1.5kV, 1min;

Output ripple


Ambient temperature

commercial grade: 0℃~50℃,                     

Industrial grade: -25℃~+70℃

Temperature drift

(-25℃~0℃,+50℃~+70℃) 200×10-6/℃

Commercial data

Product group 9
Packaging type Paper box
Country of origin CN
Customs tariff number 90303390

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